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Laser cleaning at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York

10th January 2016

News & Events

Ushabti_before Ushabti_after

Following the successful laser cleaning workshop held at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in November (attended by over 20 conservators from the New York area), conservators from the museum have used Lynton's Compact Phoenix system to gently clean an ancient ushabti box (Third Intermediate Period, Thebes, Egypt). Click here for more information.

Cleaning a giant deer skeleton

3rd January 2016

Deer Skeleton Before Cleaning

Conservators from Manx Museums on the Isle of Man have successfully used a Compact Phoenix laser to remove a darkened layer of shellac and dirt from a 11,500 year old giant deer during a recent conservation treatment. Read more about the giant deer which attracted so much attention from the world's media here.

Latest Newsletter - Winter 2016

Compact Phoenix installed at Yale University Art Gallery

20th December 2015

Our conservation specialist, Dr Martin Cooper, visited New Haven (USA) in December to install a new Compact Phoenix system complete with interchangeable NdYAG and ErYAG laser handpieces at the new conservation studio of Yale University Art Gallery. Martin also spent 2 days training 15 conservators in laser cleaning.


Tests carried out at Canterbury Cathedral

3rd September 2015

Canterbury after-4 web

Laser cleaning tests were recently carried out by sculpture conservator, Richard Cook, on fragile carvings on Christ Church Gate at Canterbury Cathedral as part of the preparation for a major restoration project called The Canterbury Journey. Our Compact Phoenix system was used to successfully remove hard black pollution encrustations from 16th-century limestone carvings - the stone is considered to be too fragile to be cleaned by other methods. Funding is now being sought by Canterbury Cathedral from HLF and other sources to enable further conservation work to be carried out on the Gate, including 4-5 months’ laser cleaning, as part of the wider project.

Lynton holds workshops in San Francisco & Washington DC

20th May 2016

Lynton recently held two more laser cleaning workshops in the USA. The de Young Museum in San Francisco and the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution) in Washington DC hosted workshops attended by over 30 conservators eager to learn more about laser cleaning and gain practical experience. The image above shows excellent results obtained using our Compact Phoenix system to gently remove copper corrosion products from a 19th-century gilded brass mount (left side).


Lynton conducts London laser cleaning tests with Paye Ltd

20th May 2016

IMG_0300 IMG_0349

Over the last few months Lynton has been working closely with Paye Ltd. to carry out laser cleaning tests on stonework at St. George's Cathedral (Southwark), the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and the Law Society building in Chancery Lane. The images above show the tests being carried out on a Corinthian capital on the front elevation of the National Gallery building.

Lynton's Compact Phoenix used in testing on the Nelson Pediment

20th May 2016


DBR Conservation Ltd. has been using Lynton's Compact Phoenix laser in recent testing on the stunning Nelson Pediment (Coade stone) at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London. Read more about this in the article published in March's edition of Context magazine, published by the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

Lynton at ICON16 conference

20 June 2016


Lynton attended the Institute of Conservation's triennial conference held at Aston University, Birmingham, in June. Our Compact Phoenix system was on display at the trade fair and attracted a high level of interest from conservators attending ICON16. Our laser also featured in a fascinating talk by conservators from Manx Museums who used it to remove a discoloured shellac layer from the huge 11,500 year old skeleton of a giant deer.

Met tests Compact Phoenix system

1st July 2016

Lynton's conservation specialist, Dr Martin Cooper, visited New York recently to install one of our Compact Phoenix systems in the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art. Conservators in the Objects Conservation department received training and have since been carrying out tests on a wide range of materials and objects.


Laser cleaning at the Liebieghaus Museum, Frankfurt

5th July 2016

Conservators at the Liebieghaus Museum in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, have been testing our Compact Phoenix system on a number of objects in its sculpture collection, including the stunning 15th-century Rimini altarpiece (alabaster). The Liebieghaus is home to a superb collection of 3,000 sculptures dating from ancient Egypt to Neoclassicism. It is one of the world’s most prominent museums specializing in sculpture.


Mareva Conservation using Compact Phoenix at Oxford

15th July 2016

Conservators from Mareva Conservation Ltd. have been recently using our Compact Phoenix system as part of the conservation work carried out inside one of Oxford University's colleges. Laser cleaning work was successfully carried out to a number of marble monuments.

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