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Lynton Conservation offers a laser cleaning service whereby we carry out laser cleaning work on behalf of, and under the overall direction of, the client. This service is suitable for test cleaning or relatively small-scale cleaning work where the client does not feel able to undertake the cleaning work themselves. Please see the Price List for current prices or contact us for further information.

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Health and Safety

The management of health and safety is an important aspect of all conservation treatments, including laser cleaning. Awareness of the hazards of the cleaning process and compliance with the controls put in place to minimise risk ensures conservators are able to work safely and effectively. There is no specific legislation covering the use of lasers in the United Kingdom although a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risk should always be carried out before laser cleaning is undertaken.


The European standard IEC 60825-14 (2004): Safety of Laser Products - Part 14, A User's Guide provides guidance on best practice in safe use of laser products. Guidance on laser safety for conservators is also provided in the attachment below. Lynton Conservation is able to advise on safe working with laser cleaning systems - please contact us for further information.

Laser Safety for Conservators


Technical support is provided by our team of skilled engineers. All of our products are covered by a 12 month warranty. Subsequent years can be covered by service contracts which are tailored to meet the needs of individual customers ranging from full cover, which would include one preventative maintenance visit, two call-out visits, travel expenses (within the UK), labour and non-consumable parts, to call-out only cover.


Please contact us for further information.

Price List


We have Compact Phoenix systems in the UK and USA available for rental. We are also very happy to consider shipping to other countries. Training is provided. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and request a quotation. A guide to prices can be seen in the Price List.